Frites 33

Frites 33 allows you to customise your triple cooked frites and coat them with lashings of your favourite sauce. Try a sprinkle of Cajun spice or load your fries with jalapenos and grated cheese for an authentic Mexican twist.


  • Meal Deal for 2

    Split the chips. Any 2 standard size frites favourites combinations and 2 drinks.

  • Chicken Chilli and Cheese Chip wrap

    Chicken, sweet chilli jam, melted cheese, fries in a soft wrap

  • Creamy Garlic Chicken and Mayo Chip Wrap

    Chicken, Garlic Mayo, crispy chips in a soft wrap

  • Philly steak and melted cheese chip wrap

    spicy beef, cajun sauce, grated cheese and chips in a soft wrap

  • Chicken Tikka Masala Chip Wrap

    Chicken in a curry sauce and creamy garlic mayo in a soft wrap

  • Mexican Fiesta Loaded Frites

    Fries with warm nacho cheese sauce, salsa sauce & jalapenos