Four Winters

We are determined to make the freshest, smoothest ice cream in the world! Each ice cream serving at Four Winters is a magical moment created one cup at a time.


  • Rainbow Cakestar_filled

    Chunks of our homemade rainbow cake are mixed into our Vanilla base to create a delicious colourful summer treat!

  • Blueberry Mille Feullestar_filled

    Fresh blueberry puree paired with our sweet cream base, with chunks of baked puff pastry to add the perfect crunch to every bite!

  • Cookies & Creamstar_filled

  • Cereal Crunchstar_filled

    Sweetened cereal clusters are combined with our vanilla ice cream and rich salted caramel for a flavour you’ll keep coming back for more.

  • Specu-Lotusstar_filled

    Get ready to enjoy biscoff as an ice cream, the four winters’ way! We’ve mixed our classic vanilla base with crunchy lotus biscuits and topped it off with a warm specu-lotus sauce! A flavor perfect for a cool winter day!