Flippin' Cheese


  • Garlic Parm Dusted Fries (Hot X 1)

  • Flippin' Mac Daddy

    Signature creamy mac & cheese.

  • Flippin' Veg Med (VG)

    Signature creamy mac & cheese - sautéed bell peppers, onions & garlic and herb mushrooms - black olives - reduced red wine marinara sauce.

  • Flippin' Snobby Carnivore

    Signature creamy mac & cheese - caramelised onions - chorizo - pepperoni - baconpulled pork - finished with a drizzle of white truffle oil.

  • Flippin' Snobby Herbivore

    Signature creamy mac & cheese -sautéed garlic mushrooms in fresh herbs, leeks, caramelised onions, bell peppers, black olives, cracked black pepper - finished with a drizzle of black truffle oil.

  • Flippin' Shroomy Swine

    Signature creamy mac & cheese - bacon & sautéed garlic and fresh herb mushrooms.