Farm Girl

Celebrating a holistic and simple approach to real, field-to-fork food, Farm Girl brings Australian brunch culture to Notting Hill. Try their Açai Bowl – frozen Amazonian berries with banana & almond milk topped with summer fruits & chia seeds.


  • Toast with Ghee Butter and Rhubarb Spread

    Toasted sourdough with our coffee infused ghee and a rhubarb mint spread.

  • Granola (GF)

    A nutty blend of oats, elderflower & orange zest served with natural yoghurt & a sprinkle of berries.

  • Lily Oats

    Oats soaked overnight with matcha, spiralina, sesame, almond milk topped with candied buts and seasonal fruit.

  • Oven Baked Eggs

    Tomato, onion, garlic, pepper, two eggs with dill and labneh, comes with sourdough.

  • Dragon Bowl (V) (GF)

    Frozen pitaya blended with almond milk and banana, topped with hemp seeds, seasonal fruit and coconut shaving.

  • Acai Smoothie Bowl (GF) (V)

    Frozen amazonian acai, frozen banana, almond milk, coconut & chia.