Dirty Buffalo

We serve Buffalo wings & fried chicken with some amazing in-house dips and sauces. Our chicken is marinated overnight and fried on-order to give you the freshest possible product at your doorstep.


  • New Orleans Dry Rub (5 Pieces Wings)star_filled

    Our New Orleans inspired cajun wings are dry-rubbed with a zingy, smokey blend of spices.

  • Firestarter Wings (5 Pieces Wings)star_filled

    It's super hot, it's spicy and it's oh so good!

  • Firestarter fried chickenstar_filled

    It's super hot, it's spicy and it's oh so good.

  • Dirty for 1star_filled

    10 New York Dry Rub wings with a portion of house fries, firestarter dip to spice it up and a can of Coke Zero.

  • Dirty for 2

    5 New York Dry Rub wings + 5 Firestarter Wings + Slow Smoked BBQ chicken + Firestarter fried chicken + 2 x House Fries + 2 x Coke Zero.

  • Four at the Back (for 4)star_filled

    A rock solid foundation for any gang of four; every flavour of wings, cajun, sweet and sticky and firestarter popcorn chicken, 4 house fries, 4 Punk IPAs and a trio of dips.