Conscience Kitchen

100% ethical online restaurant from Farm to the table with zero carbon footprint, GMOs, Waste. The food is created to nourish the body & mind inspired by authentic Egyptian cuisine made using seasonal British Produce.


  • Wild Salmon Box

    Seared wild salmon, seasonal green leaves, avocado sauce & nori served with enriched sushi rice.

  • Brisket Box

    Premium organic salt beef brisket, cucumber salsa , mustard sauce served with seasonal mixed greens, micro pea shoots & mustard leaves.

  • Flowers Box

    Crumbed seasonal cauliflower, broccolini, spinach, dark tahani sauce served with black & white quinoa.

  • Tender Chick Box

    Crumbed organic chicken tenders, seasonal leaves, rockets and dark tahani sauce , black rice crackers served with black & white quinoa.

  • Naked Burger Box

    Premium organic beef burger ,cucumber salsa , guacamole sauce ,seasonal roasted tomatoes served with sweet potato wedges.

  • Peaches Box

    Grilled farm peaches, honey mustard sauce, micro pea shoots, mustard leaves & broccoli shoots , pecans & gorgonzola blue cheese served with seasonal mixed greens.