Developed by our highly talented team of chefs, our menu celebrates North Indian cuisine with Punjabi influences with a focus on dishes cooked in the tandoor as well as a cherry-picked selection of mouth-watering dishes from several other regions of the su


  • Chicken Tikkastar_filled

    Tandoor grilled, sweet paprika, smoked cloves marinated chicken served with mint chutney.

  • Old Delhi Butter Chickenstar_filled

    Char-grilled suffolk chicken, simmered in creamed tomatoes, dried fenugreek leaf.

  • Tadka Dalstar_filled

    Tempered yellow lentils, with cumin, garlic and chilli. Vegetarian, Vegan option available..

  • Sade Chawalstar_filled

    Steamed basmati rice. Vegetarian, Vegan option available..

  • Saffron Pulaostar_filled

    Sargol saffron, whole spice infused braised long grain basmati rice. Vegetarian, Vegan option available..

  • Tandoori Gobi and Broccoli

    Marinated char-grilled cauliflower and broccoli florets, minted yoghurt. Vegetarian.