Ceviche Family

London’s quick & buzzing multi-award winning & authentic Peruvian café-restaurant serves generous healthy, hearty & happy dishes packed w/ flavours. Andina’s menu has the greatest hits of Peru & touches of Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and Italian food too.


  • Toasted Corn Nuts (VG)

    Cancha. Crunchy, salted and home made.

  • Pork Belly Bites (GF)

    Chicharron. With rocoto chilli jam.

  • Cassava Fries (V/VG) (GF) ⭐ Our Favourite ⭐

    Yucas & Huancaina. With our famous amarillo chilli and feta dip.

  • Sticky Wings (GF)

    Alitas. With a chifa-style sweet and savoury smoked panca chilli glaze.

  • Corn Fritters (V) (GF)

    Torrejas de Maiz. With kale pesto mayo.

  • Potato Chips, Amarillo Mayonnaise (V/VG)