BRGR (Scotland)

Despite skimping on vowels, BRGR cut no corners with the real thing, spearheading the humble burger's reinvention since 2014. Today they continue to innovate, using well-marbled beef to craft their juicy patties.


  • Big Cheesestar_filled

    Cheddar, BRGR sauce, pink onion, lettuce and pickle.

  • Cheese & Baconstar_filled

    Cheddar & bacon, BRGR sauce, pink onion, lettuce and pickle.

  • Highland Coostar_filled

    Haggis, pepper sauce, cheddar, lettuce and caramelised onion.

  • Hot Chickstar_filled

    Panko coated chicken breast, chipotle mayo, cheddar, buffalo sauce, lettuce and jalapeños.

  • Chilli Cheese Friesstar_filled

    Fries topped with beef chilli, cheese and chipotle mayo.

  • Big Cheese Meal

    Big Cheese Burger with regular fries and a drink of your choice.