Bone Daddies

Rock 'n' Roll Ramen joint serving up our awesome bowls of ramen for you to Bone At Home. Don't forget the epic snacks on the side. 💣


  • 🤘🏼2 buns for 10.80star_filled

    Mix it up with our epic buns

  • 3 buns for £14.4star_filled

    Mix it up with our epic buns

  • 🤘🏼Fried Chickenstar_filled

    chicken thigh marinated in ginger and white pepper and crispy fried with yuzu mayo on the side

  • 🐔🌶 🤘🏼Tantanmen 2star_filled

    Rich and Creamy Sesame, chilli, pulled chicken, spicy chicken mince, bok choy, Tonkotsu noodles, clarence court egg, bamboo & beansprouts (chicken bone broth).

  • 🐽 🤘🏼Tonkotsu Ramenstar_filled

    Spring onion, chashu pork belly, Tonkotsu noodles, burnt garlic oil, clarence court egg, bamboo & beansprouts(20 hour pork bone broth).

  • 🌶 🌶Spicy Miso Ramenstar_filled

    Made with Bone Daddies homemade chicken broth, miso, habanero, grilled chashu, padron peppers, marinated Clarence Court Egg, bamboo, beansprouts and spring onions.