• Borek Jubna (V)star_filled

    Brik pastry rolls with spinach and goats cheese with a hint of chilli and garlic.

  • Adess Dziria (V)(VG)star_filled

    Green lentil and vegetable stew served with sautéed baby spinach and roasted butternut squash and garlic. Served with tagine bread.

  • Tagine Kefte Bedaouistar_filled

    Lamb meatballs flavoured with cumin, garlic and fresh herbs, cooked in a rich tomato sauce finished with an egg and grated cheddar cheese. Served with tagine bread or vegetable rice.

  • Tagine Zaytounstar_filled

    Chicken, green olives and carrots cooked in an onion, ginger, confit lemon, coriander & turmeric sauce. Served with tagine bread.

  • Tagine Berkook star_filled

    Cubes of lean tender chunks of boneless beef with prunes, apricots and toasted almonds in an onion, ginger sauce with a hint of cinnamon. Topped with toasted sesame seeds and fresh coriander. Served with bread or couscous.

  • Kemiette (VO)

    Chef's selection of dips and salads with a brik pastry parcel, served with hot pitta bread, great for sharing.