• Kemiette (VO)star_filled

    Chef's selection of dips and salads with a brik pastry parcel, served with hot pitta bread, great for sharing.

  • Borek Jubna (V)star_filled

    Brik pastry rolls with spinach and goats cheese with a hint of chilli and garlic.

  • Humus Bel Laham star_filled

    Humus drizzled with olive oil, topped with diced marinated leg of lamb. Served with hot pitta bread.

  • Djedj M'hamerstar_filled

    Oven roasted chicken supreme marinated in North African spices with a tahini cream sauce. Served with vegetable rice and sautéed seasonal vegetables.

  • Tagine Beldi star_filled

    Slow cooked lamb with onion, garlic, ginger, ras el hanout, potato, carrot and braised fennel. Topped with fresh coriander and served with tagine bread or plated with couscous.