Basement Browns

Basement Browns is #7 on TripAdvisor thanks to their quality Italian pizzas. The ‘Mafia’ is topped with pepperoni, pulled roast chicken and smoked ham and is renowned across the Midlands!


  • Margherita (V) (Individual)star_filled

    Tomatoes from Pianura Padana in Italy, topped with 100% mozzarella.

  • Margherita (V) (Inbetweener)star_filled

  • Pepperoni (Inbetweener)star_filled

    Spicy Neapolitan sliced pork sausage.

  • Mafia (Inbetweener)star_filled

    Pulled roast chicken, smoked ham, pepperoni.

  • Super Mario (Inbetweener)star_filled

    Chorizo, sausage & pepperoni.

  • BB Breakfast

    Our 72-hour fermented dough, topped with mozzarella, freshly cracked free-range egg, bacon and sausage. With a choice of free veg toppings also.