Bagel Factory

The first Bagel Factory opened in London, 1997, and since then their golden, perfectly chewy bagels have achieved national success. Try the appetising and fulfilling Big breakfast or for a freshly-made Classic: Scottish smoked salmon and cream cheese!


  • Big Breakfast

    Streaky bacon, Lincolnshire sausage and egg and topped with a sauce of your choice.

  • Smoked Salmon and Egg

    Scottish smoked salmon and egg, topped and black pepper.

  • Salt Beef Melt

    Salt beef topped with two slices of emmenthal cheese, gherkins and mustard.

  • Halloumi Melt

    Halloumi cheese topped with sundried tomatoes, rocket and mint yoghurt.

  • Ham & Cheese

    Ham, cheddar cheese, mustard

  • Tuna Melt

    Tuna, Mayo, Cheddar Cheese