Asiatique Thai Restaurant takes you on a exploration of Thailand with their deeply aromatic dishes rich in the vivid flavours that define the country. Try their Green Curry with Prawns. Authentic Thai! Nice!


  • Vegetable Spring Rollstar_filled

    Vegetarian. Deep fried spring roll with vegetable and glass noodles filling, served with sweet chilli sauce.

  • Spicy Squidstar_filled

    Slightly spicy. Deep fried crispy squid with spring onion, chilli, salt and pepper.

  • Chicken Sataystar_filled

    Contain nuts. Barbecued marinated chicken on skewer, served with peanut sauce.

  • Green Currystar_filled

    Spicy. Green curry in coconut milk with sliced of bamboo shoot, aubergines, pepper and sweet basil.

  • Pad Thaistar_filled

    Contain egg and nuts. Thai Traditional fried rice noodles with egg, bean sprout, spring onion and peanut.

  • Prawn Crackersstar_filled

    Per basket.