Annyeong Korean Restaurant

Welcome to Annyeong, the North West's biggest Korean bbq house. Modern yet authentic Korean restaurant.


  • 19 Ra Bok Kki (with Cheese) star_filled

    Rice and crab sticks with vegetables simmered in a spicy sauce with cheese and corn on top.

  • 31 Kim Bapstar_filled

    Rice rolls with beef and mixed vegetables (spinach, carrot, raddish) and egg. Wrapped in Korean seaweed.

  • L1 Bento Boxstar_filled

    A rice box served in a traditional Asian bento box. Includes Kimchi, beansprouts and an appetiser of the day (Dumplings, pancakes, etc).

  • 39 Gar Bi Tangstar_filled

    A delicate broth with short beef ribs, egg and glass noodles. Served with rice.

  • 43 Kim Chi Ji Gae (V) star_filled

    Spicy broth with kimchi, tofu and pork. Served with rice.

  • 11A Yok Gae Jangstar_filled

    Slow cooked spicy beef soup.