Annyeong Korean Restaurant

Welcome to Annyeong, the North West's biggest Korean bbq house. Modern yet authentic Korean restaurant.


  • 14 Hae Mul Pa Chunstar_filled

    Spring onion and mixed seafood pancake.

  • 20 Chap Che (V)star_filled

    Sauced vermicelli noodles with pork or vegetables. (Choice of pork, chicken or vegetables).

  • 31 Kim Bapstar_filled

    Rice rolls with beef and mixed vegetables (spinach, carrot, raddish) and egg. Wrapped in Korean seaweed.

  • 43 Kim Chi Ji Gae (V)star_filled

    Spicy broth with kimchi, tofu and pork. Served with rice.

  • 53 Dolsot Bibimbap (V)star_filled

    The word Dolsot means ‘stone pot’ and the word bibimbap literally means mixed rice. Dolsot bibimbap is served in an earthware pot. The heat from the pot makes the rice sizzle and turn crispy on the bottom. Bibimbap comes with rice, sauteed seasoned vegetables, raw egg yolk and red chilli paste mixed together.

  • 11A Yok Gae Jang

    Slow cooked spicy beef soup.