A balanced menu inspired by the Pacific flavours. From fresh sushi, to exotic hot dishes and cold pressed juices. Always made fresh. Feel Great Food.


  • Chicken Katsu Currystar_filled

    A classic Japanese favourite. Chicken Katsu on sushi rice with fresh carrot, leek, edamame and red chillies. 812 Kcal. (Ce) (Wheat) (Soybeans)

  • Chicken Katsu Curry Bundlestar_filled

    + choice of sides + choice of drink.

  • Teriyaki Chicken on Brown Rice star_filled

    Teriyaki chicken on brown & wild rice with fresh vegetables and a delicious broth. 481 Kcal. (Soybeans) (Se) (Sulphites) (Wheat) (Barley)

  • Chicken Katsu Yakisoba star_filled

    Chicken Katsu on seasoned yakisoba noodles with fresh carrot and leek and a sprinkle of fresh chilli. 829 Kcal. (Se) (Celery - in Katsu Sauce) (E) (Wheat) (Soybeans)

  • Deep Blue star_filled

    Superior Salmon nigiri, California roll, teriyaki salmon maki, tuna maki and salmon maki. 517kcal. (C) (E) (F) (Soybeans) (Se) (Mu) (Wheat)