201 Asian Kitchen

Our menu is specialised in modern Asian concept that offer all the classic dishes from selected Asian culture. Our sauces are house made and served in a healthy style with 100% natural, fresh ingredients, and NO MSG.


  • Grilled Salmon Gyoza (4 pieces)star_filled

    Homemade Japanese gyoza stuffed with salmon, chives and shiitake mushrooms.

  • Chef’s Special Szechuan Chilli Garlic Sauce with Steamed Ricestar_filled

    An amazing homemade Szechuan sauce. Available with beef or sea bass. Spicy Level 3.

  • Japanese Teriyaki Dishes with Steamed Ricestar_filled

    A delicious grilled dish served on steamed rice and salad, flavoured with our excellent homemade teriyaki sauce. Available with chicken, salmon or vegetables (Vegetarian).

  • Black Bean Sauce with Steamed Ricestar_filled

    A traditional Chinese sauce stir fry with onion and mixed peppers. Available with spare ribs, chicken beef or prawn. Spicy Level 1.

  • 201 Asian Kitchen Rollstar_filled

    Panko Prawn, Cucumber, Truffina Mayo topped with Seared Salmon & Tobiko , Crispy onion .

  • Edamamestar_filled

    Steamed soybean with a touch of sea salt. Vegetarian.